Sunday, May 29, 2016

Earth Rated Poop Bag Review!!

Hello everyone and welcome back! Well, I guess I should be welcoming myself back! I haven't quite been around much but I do have my reasons! I have been having some major computer issues and it is the most annoying thing ever! Mine pretty much died so now I am restricted to using the dinosaur family computer or my little sister's computer. So anyways, I am back with a review on Earth Rated poop bags!

This is the actual poop bag dispenser and the bags all set up.

This is Lucy checking things out when I opened the package.

This is her denying she even touched the box even though I got it on film.

This is her sniffing everything as I pulled it out.

This is her taking a break half way through! 

Here is the dispenser in its packaging. Sorry its sideways.

If you own a dog, in some places, by law you must pick up your dog's waste. Dog poop isn't the most pleasant thing in the world. It usually smells bad and tends to have this awful warm and squishy thing going on. Most of us use shopping bags or pricey poop bags which make our wallet sigh every time we end up at the register with them. Well, Earth Rated poop bags are only pennies per bag!! They also have amazing varieties of bags for those of us with different variety poopers! They sell all kinds of shapes and sizes with all kinds of scents! We chose to try out the non-scented bags as Lucy is a hound with EXTRAORDINARY smelling power so just to be on the safe side we chose the ones with no scent.

They sent us a package of their un-scented, standard poop bags to try out and I think these might be our favorite! They are a long tubular shape and seem like they can hold a lot! They sent us a poop bag dispenser as well and combined they are amazing! When we go on walks I love having the poop bags at the touch of a finger tip! The dispenser velcros  onto the leash so that you won't ever forget them! When we were using just regular old shopping bags, I would find myself forgetting them on our walks. I would end up having to walk all the way home to put Lucy back and then walk all the way back to where she pooped so I could pick it up. Having this tool is probably the best thing that has ever happened! The day that we got the package, I took Lucy out to try it and of course, she pooped where she usually does and I picked it up like I usually do. I think that overall it was a sturdy bag and it did the job well! It didn't seem like it would rip easily and it truly didn't have a smell. It also did a good job keeping the smell of the poop from escaping which I love! If you have to carry the poop back home with you, it won't stink up your walk too much!

As for the bags with handles, we also loved those! They were particularly large which is good for those oddly large poops that come now and then. I also love that you can easily tie them up. They also do a very good job of keeping the smell away which is definitely on my list for a good poop bag. Overall they are very great bags so either one you pick you will get a great deal!

Another great thing is that their packages and the inner role cores are both made of recycled materials! I am 100% for recycled products and just love when companies take mother earth into consideration when making their products. Earth Rated sells their poop bags in both scented and unscented for those of us who like choice. I chose the unscented ones but they also sell scented for anyone who would like to try that! Have you ever seen Earth Rated bags in green? Well have you seen them in white? They make two colors of bags! They aren't just for beauty though! The green bags which I received, have an additive that helps them break down. They do not break down the poop but I assume that the poop can be similar to compost in a way. The white bags are made of vegetable starches and can be disposed of in municipal compost facilities that accept pet waste. Earth Rated even supports fundraisers and adoption events so if you are interested, just contact them and they might be willing to donate some products!

Well, thats it for this review! I hope you enjoyed and please try out these products! They work great for us and I have no doubt that they will do the same for you and your pooch! Thanks for reading and sorry again for being away for so long!! Once summer hits, I won't be as busy and will hopefully be getting a new computer or my old one fixed. Thanks again guys!!

Abbey and Lucy

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Should we or Should we Not?: Dog Shaming

Hello! Welcome back!Today we will be talking about dog shaming. So many people do it and I admit that I have spent so much time on countless different times laughing hysterically at some of the things that these dogs do. My favorite one is this:

And common' you just gotta love the doggie that has to wear a diaper...

So now that we have that out of the way, yeah, they can be hysterical but is it the right thing to do? Some pictures that you find are just heart wrenching. I don't want to put them up on here in fear that the owner might get mad but just google it and you will know exactly what I am talking about. Some dogs have no shame and thats what makes the pictures so funny to look at. The dog that wakes himself up with his own farts just looks like he has no idea whats going on. He doesn't look like he is in fear or he is upset he just looks, well, confused. The dog in the second picture that has to wear a diaper, looks like he is not sorry at all and that it was totally worth it. 

When is it appropriate to try this? Some dogs have no shame and won't be affected by this at all but other dogs are very sensitive and won't like this at all. If your dog gets frightened by this you shouldn't try it at all. Lucy has no shame at all and burps in our faces all the time. I don't think that I would personally try this because it shows the dog that you humor their bad behavior. I don't care that Lucy burps. Of course there are better places to burp than my face but I can't get mad at her for burping. 

I have seen some pictures that shame their dog for throwing up or for getting mud in the house. Dogs cannot help where they throw up like us humans. They just don't understand. Part of being a pet owner is cleaning up after your pet when ever they make a mess: which tends to happen a lot. You can't get mad at an animal for doing something that they cannot control or something that you should be taking care of. 

So, to wrap up this post, no I would not "shame" my dog. I just don't believe in it and it wouldn't be fair to Lucy. I think that by teaching your pet that their bad behavior is cute or funny, you could run in to major problems down the road. If you do believe in this practice please keep in mind your pet's feelings. If they are scared or don't want to be part of it don't do it. It can come back to haunt you later on in so many forms. Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave your opinions down below! I love to read your comments so keep 'em coming! 

Abbey and Lucy

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

D.I.Y Bandanna Toy

Hello all and welcome back! No, i haven't disintegrated fallen off the face of the Earth. Long time no see for sure though! I was on April Vacation all last week and my computer conveniently decided to stop working so now I have to get that all straitened out. For now, I will be either on the dinosaur of a desktop or my sisters computer. Well, Lucy and I were indeed busy, busy, busy all last week! We took the time that we had and used it to our full ability and it was great! We had an amazing time all week and yet, there still wasn't a dull moment!

We went on a ton of hikes, walks and play sessions with friends and other dogs and she enjoyed every minute of it almost as much as I did! We even met up with another blogger! Zeus's Dog Blogs and I met up! I am very good friends with the owner of that blog and we see each other all the time so we decided to take a nice hike with one of our other friends and her dog, Koko, whom Lucy got along very well with! They were so adorable! if you know Lucy, you know that she doesn't run unless she sees geese or she is playing. Koko is very energetic and loves to run and so Lucy ran with her! They had a blast and so did I! It was so fun!

Zeus's owner is a great friend of mine and she is very skilled at photography. She was able to get some wonderful shots of Lucy and I am eternally grateful for that! I will try and update my long overdue photo gallery when I get the chance to go computer shopping. I am mostly going to aim for the computer I had before which was a HP Chromebook 14. It was great for blogging and typing documents which was all that I needed it for anyways. On the plus side they aren't that expensive so I am most likely going to get that one again. So, let's get back to the topic! Dog toy creation of the century!!

This is our creation and I am actually very happy with it! It cost absolutely nothing and took about thirty seconds to make. All i did was take three different colored bandannas and tied the tops together so that I could braid them. Lucy loves it and so do I! if you have a dog like my friend Lucille here who doesn't like any other toys except soft ones, you will soon fall in love with this because it let's your dog still enjoy tug of war games with out them getting annoyed with those nylon rope pulls.

I think that overall this one is a keeper! I will totally be making more of these from not only bandannas but other random pieces of fabric. I have even seen these made out of fleece so I might try that as well. just brought me this...

It looks like she just untied it so I can easily fix this up but I would recommend adding some thread or tying it twice or something so that it will stay together. I hope that you guys enjoy this post! Again I am so sorry for not posting for so long! I am not doing very well with my goal to post once a day or more every day... So sorry again!

Abbey and Lucy

Monday, April 18, 2016

Zukes Treat Review

Hello all and welcome back to today's second post! Yes I know, two reviews in a row! I am kind of behind on reviews and posts in general so might as well just get them all done in one day. Thankfully, this is an awesome review! Lucy has always used Zukes products for training but we have never done a review on them so today is the day! We picked to do a review on their Z-Fillets Grilled Venison Recipe treats and their Skinny Bakes Banana and Peanut butter treats. Yummy! Let's get into this review!

Lets start with the Z-Fillets Grilled Venison Recipe treats. These were very large. They were massive compared to other treats. We still loved them though! As I say in a lot of my food related posts, Lucy gets very excited about treats and sometimes forgets to chew so therefore they get stuck in her cheek pouches. So, to avoid this, I just ripped one treat into four little ones and fed them to her that way. I believe that these were intended for large dogs which may be the reason for their massive size. Overall they were wonderful though! They were made from real deer meat which Lucy loved! She absolutely loves meat based treats so this was a win for her!! I would totally recommend these to you guys but just be careful depending on the size of your dog!

Moving on to the Skinny Bakes Banana and Peanut Butter treats, they smelled so good! As soon as I opened the package I could smell them and they reminded me of this banana scented toy that my younger brother had. Anyways, stay on track Abbey! Lucy adored them! We have used these multiple times since getting them. We had company over yesterday and we showed them some of Lucy's tricks using these treats. They loved it, she loved it, it was awesome! I can see myself buying these. They are affordable, don't stink up the house and she loves them! This was great!

Thank you for reading this review! I am typing this on my phone so I will link the pictures down below. Before I go I just want to say a big thank you to Heather over at Zukes who helped us! We appreciate this so much!!

Abbey and Lucy

Pet Gift Box Review and a Special Surprise!

Hello all and welcome back to yet another post! Today is another review and the product this time is a Pet Gift Box! Stay tuned until the end because I have quite the surprise for you guys! I want to apologize in advance because all though we got this package on Friday afternoon, we aren't getting to this part until Sunday!! Like I said yesterday, we were busy, busy, busy this weekend! We planted all of our plants today and we did some other necessary yard work as well as went on some doggie related errands. -

Lucy: Enough excuses Abbey! They want to see my thoughts on this product! They probably also want to find out about the surprise!

Abbey: Yes, I suppose so Lucy. Let's get into it before I get into trouble from the queen!

Let me just start out by explaining how this service works. So, when you go on the site, you can purchase what they call a subscription. You pay for as many months that you want to receive one and then every month you will get a nice little package full of amazing, wholesome, goodies for you and your pooch! On this months particular box, the company partnered up with Dog for Dog and that particular company donates a meal to a homeless dog in need for every product that they sell. I personally love when companies do that because to me it means that they still care. Sometimes, companies get so big that they forget why they are even doing what they are doing and that is where things get bad for them and usually when I stop buying from them. I love Dog for Dog and was thrilled to see that they were partnering with Pet Gift Box!

We got our package on Friday afternoon and Lucy was very excited to see that it was for her! Here is the box! I thought that it was adorable so I took a few pictures of just it.

Here I am opening it up like usual. This time I didn't cut myself! Yay Abbey! What an accomplishment!

This picture is kind of blurry because as soon as I opened it up, she grabbed the toy and took off! Nice try Lucy but you have to wait until I take the tags off!

Here she is posing with the box. As you can see, she isn't very happy with me that I made her wait any longer to dig in!

Here is the Duck meat treats! These are actually one of my favorites because they are meat, Lucy's favorite, and they are low calorie, my favorite. So overall these were a win win! She loved them and they didn't smell or anything. They are very squishy which is good for her since she gets very excited sometimes and forgets to chew. When she gets too hyped up, sometimes the treat gets stuck in her cheek fold and it can be a pain to get out but these ones were the perfect size and texture for her!

Here is the doggie granola bar that we got. To be honest, I have never seen these before so I wasn't too sure how to feed it or how she would take to it. I just broke off a bit and gave it to her and she loved it! She also loved the smell! I can see myself buying one of these in the future for when we go on hikes or when we go camping. These would make a perfect snack on the go! I think that she really liked these and a plus is that I did too!

Here is Lucy's favorite thing in the package! It's a dog with stretchy limbs! She loves these toys so much and it was the first thing that she grabbed when we opened up the box after she realised that she couldn't get to the treats. She had one before that was much smaller but she ended up braking it. We never bothered to get her another one because we couldn't find any durable ones but this one is very durable and sturdy! We love this toy!

This was the final thing in the box and I think that this will come in handy! I have been planning on teaching Lucy to play fetch and now that I have the right tools I will be able to fulfill that goal of mine! I think that a Zak George video is in order...

Last but not least was this treat ball! I put a handful of Lucy's kibble in the ball just so that we could test it out and it seemed like it was sturdy. She did get a little frustrated when she couldn't get the food out of one side but dogs that are used to treat balls and dispensers should be fine. Lucy loves them but she gets frustrated easily so we have to make sure that we find ones that are fairly easy but still make her think. Here is a picture of the treat ball.

Now as you have all been waiting for...THE SURPRISE IS HERE!!! Since we loved this product soooooo much, we wanted to share a 50% discount on your first box! It is a coupon code and it only applies to subscription purchases. The code is as follows,


We want to give a special thank you to Zee over at Pet Gift Box before we ended the review! The customer service was amazing! Thank you so much Zee! We hope that you decide to buy your beloved doggie a subscription!

Abbey and Lucy